Sometimes it’s not only what you know, it’s who you know.

Government Relations

At Patsouris & Associates we believe in the power of connections. If your firm, company or organisation is in need of legal advice on how best to deal with an issue that involves engagement with government, then we can provide that advice. If required, we can also advocate on your behalf and present arguments persuasively. We’ll provide the necessary expertise and guidance to navigate the relevant landscape while advocating for your interests.

Corporate Strategy

At Patsouris & Associates we can advise on regulatory, legislative, policy and commercial matters to help guide your firm, company or organisation in pursuit of its long-term objectives. By developing and implementing strategies we can assist you in maximising opportunities, or conversely, managing risks that may arise from government decisions now or in the future.

Corporate Communications

What you say is one thing, how you say it is another. At Patsouris & Associates we have the resources to strategically craft and design communications and campaigns that represent your messaging in a creative and professional manner. We’ll make sure your firm, company or organisation attracts the right attention, by the right people.

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